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NEW Opal Matt Globes

One of the darw backs of the typical A60 LED retrofit globe is that the SMD design produces light in a 180 degree arc, and not almost 360 degrees like a traditional incandescent globe.

Taking the wide light distribution of an LED filament and covering it with an opal matt glass diffuser is the perfect solution.

Giving close to 360 degree, even light output, the OPAL MATT series are an ideal choice for energy saving decorative light.

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LED filament globes

An LED filament light globe is designed to resemble a traditional incandescent globe, with visible filaments, for aesthetic and light distribution purposes. It produces its light by LED filaments, multi-diode structures that resemble the filament of an incandescent light globe.
They are the perfect retrofit globe for decorative lights where the globe is exposed or visible.